Pierre Palmade awaiting his transfer to prison


Pierre Palmade is officially placed in pre-trial detention, accused of homicide and involuntary injuries after having caused a serious road accident on February 10th.

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In the meantime, the comedian, who was under house arrest at the Paul Brousse hospital in Villejuif, under an electronic bracelet, suffered a stroke and was transferred to the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital. His life is not in danger, but, even if he is weakened, the doctors judged his condition unfit with an incarceration in prison.

However, the conditions of his hospitalization have changed. As relayed by the RTL radio station, police are posted outside the door of his room and no one can enter to visit him except the medical profession.

Pierre Palmade can no longer enter and leave his room as he pleases, as the wearing of the electronic bracelet allowed him.

Once the doctors have deemed his condition compatible with incarceration in a penitentiary establishment, the 54-year-old star was to be incarcerated in Fresnes prison. A hospital unit located within the walls of the prison will take care of him on his arrival.

The provisional detention was decided to avoid the risk of recurrence of taking narcotics on the part of Pierre Palmade and to allow the smooth running of the investigation.

Besides this tragic accident in which a woman lost her baby at seven months pregnant, a six-year-old had his jaw ripped out and his father in his 40s suffered multiple fractures and came out of a coma only this week , the actor faces two other investigations: one for possession and use of narcotics, the other for possession of child pornography images.

In this latest investigation targeting Pierre Palmade, the comedian was not heard by the investigators or accused.


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