Pierre Lees-Melou would have liked to stay in the Premier League

Pierre Lees-Melou, the French midfielder passed by Norwich last season, would have liked to continue his career in the Premier League. But for lack of contact, he left the relegated to join Brest in Ligue 1.

Speaking in an interview with L’Equipe, Pierre Lees-Melou discusses his time in the Premier League in the ranks of Norwich last season: “If England it was very good. It’s an experience I don’t regret at all. I wanted to go abroad. So when I had the opportunity to join the Premier League, I did not hesitate because it was for me the most beautiful championship in terms of spectacle, enthusiasm and fans..

Pierre Lees-Melou wanted to stay

Pierre Lees-Melou evokes a small hint of regret at having had to leave the English elite: “Staying in the Premier League wouldn’t have bothered me. But we went down with Norwich and I didn’t have any successful contacts with other elite clubs. recognizes the one who now plays in Brest in Ligue 1.

He liked Old Trafford

The former Nice midfielder has in any case made the most of this season in English stadiums: “It’s true that all the stadiums are full, that the fans support you all the time, never whistle at you. I even got my chants, even though it was quite simple. The stadium that impressed me the most was Old Trafford. We played against Manchester United in the spring, when neither team had any ambitions. And there were 77,000 people. It’s impressive. And there is the You’ll never walk alone of Liverpool which is legendary. All the stadiums are full” he concluded.

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