Pierre Gasly, alone against the Alpine

At the Sao Paulo Grand Prix last weekend, Pierre Gasly finished the race in 7th place. The Normand mostly finished the race ahead of the two Alpine. A decisive result for an exciting end of the season on the French side.

AlphaTauri is fighting against the French team in the constructor championship. This fight is important for the teams and the two teams are tied. At the start of the season, the ambitions ToffiAlpine chées were, at a minimum, to participate in the fight for third place. AlphaTauri may also have regrets, especially regarding the performance of Yuki Tsunoda who are far removed from those of his teammate. With a first season difficile for his teammate, Pierre Gasly therefore had to show very regularity to allow the team to score points. This role will have been fulfilled with success, because Pierre Gasly will therefore have been able, alone, to compete with Alpine and his two pilots in confiance.

Alpine struggling despite Ocon’s victory

Regarding the performances of Pierre Gasly, the qualifications are paramount. The tricolor pilot is shows excellent in this exercise by almost systematically rising to Q3 (16 qualifications on 19). the NOTordain se class same regularly before from single-seater more efficient. If the pace of the race can sometimes be more complicated, a good race management allows it to retain an important place. The rest of the championship includes three Grand Prix. In these three races, two will be on circuits still unknown to F1. We therefore have very little visibility on which single-seaters will have theadvantage. The current dynamics give Pierre Gasly an advantage over Alpine, but the French team knew how to create surprises until they won a Grand Prix with Esteban Ocon. Although performing, AlphaTauri has not been able to have such results this season. It is therefore on Pierre Gasly that the result rests fiend of the AlphaTauri season.

By Nicolas Derrien

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