Pickford concerned by police investigation after pub fight

Holder at Everton and with the English selection, Jordan Pickford would be the subject of a police investigation. According to The Sun, this follows a fight that took place in a pub last Sunday.

Jordan Pickford could be in serious trouble. According to The Sun, the Everton goalkeeper is under police investigation after an incident at a pub last Sunday.

During this fight, an individual reportedly had his nose broken, while another person saw his phone broken for trying to film the scene. The cause of this incident would be taunts that the doorman of the English selection would have received, concerning his « little arms ». It’s not the first time Pickford has been teased, with the English outlet reporting that in the last game against Newcastle, a Magpies fan held up « a Tyrannosaurus Rex », meant to represent the goalkeeper.

Police looking for witnesses

For the time being, there is no question of an arrest for Pickford yet. Seeking further clarification, a spokesman for Northumbria Police appealed: ‘We have been informed of a disturbance at Beggar’s Bridge pub. A fight has reportedly broken out between two groups of men inside facility. An investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police. »

But The Sun takes up the words of a witness, confirming that he recognized Pickford during the altercation: « He was being provoked. All I heard was ‘little arms’ and that’s it. That’s arrived as soon as they entered. They hadn’t even had time for a drink. A boy had his nose broken. Pickford was not injured at all (…) Pickford’s group left in a minibus before the police arrived. Everton are yet to comment on the matter.

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