Phoenix suspected of breaking Covid protocol in playoffs

According to information from The Athletic , the Phoenix Suns are suspected of having violated the protocol against Covid-19, in the heart of the NBA playoffs. Phoenix was eliminated in the Western Conference semifinals by the Dallas Mavericks after a humiliating loss in Game 7 (123-90). No less than 6 people within the franchise, including a player, would have tested positive for Covid at the end of the series against Dallas.

A Phoenix assistant coach reportedly tested positive after Game 6, while the unnamed player tested positive after Game 7. For these reasons, the Suns held their individual interviews of end of the season by videoconference, and not in offices. The Arizona franchise denied any infraction, without commenting further on the news.

The NBA has relaxed its Covid protocol

The NBA had long imposed daily tests on players and staff members in order to stem the epidemic. From now on, the obligation of the tests has been lifted, except in the event of symptoms. The NBA may investigate this matter more closely if concerning information continues to leak.

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