Phillippe Aumont wants to launch at the Olympics

Currently, Canada is doing well in Olympic qualifying. After pitching a scoreless game on Monday, the Canadian team took the measure of Cuba.

Result? This ensures him to participate in the small four-team tournament where two clubs will have the chance to qualify for the Olympics.

The team is doing well, but it could be even better if it ever qualifies for the Games. Why? Because she might have backup.

Phillippe Aumont, newly retired, is currently in negotiations with Baseball Canada to participate in the Games if the Canadian team participates. This is what Jonathan Jobin from Radio-Canada reports.

Remember that the pitcher has had his own farm for a little less than a year. He retired, but didn’t give up on baseball.

Currently, he is not in qualifying in Florida because he cannot quit on command and his wife is about to give birth. The timing is just not right.

But he’s working hard to make it happen for the Tokyo Olympics.

The discussion is open with Baseball Canada. This is something I have to plan for. We have commitments to 35 families with the farm. If I go, I must have plans A, B, C and D.

– Phillippe Aumont

He and his wife are working on the file. Both want to find a solution to allow him to go.

He claims he keeps himself in shape with the farm and would only need a month to upgrade the pitcher as such.

I already chatted with Aumont before the pandemic and he confirmed to me then that he would have liked to play in Asia for the experience of life. Going to the Games could be part of that goal and I wish him good luck.

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