Philippe Bana: « Sport can go beyond war »

“As a child, I read science fiction books and this pre-apocalyptic period was often described there. Parries to avoid the worst are political, social; sport is also a means of combating this backward movement of humanity. Sport is neither better nor worse than other activities, but it can go beyond war, bring actors together, welcome those who are at war. This is why, in handball, we welcomed the Ukrainian women’s team at the worst moment of the war, in April, and why the Ukrainian flag still flies over the House of Handball. Athletes, this war is also ours. Sport cannot hide, declare itself above or alongside, under penalty of being only an ersatz. Sport is the transformation of war into regulated peaceful games. The rule of the field teaches the rule of life. Sport is not just about winning or losing; through its values ​​and social codes, it can give humanity another vision of the relationship with others. »

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