Philadelphia: Simmons could stay!

Aurélien CANOT, Media365, published on Monday, October 11, 2021 at 8:13 p.m.

Announced at the start, Ben Simmons could finally stay in Philadelphia, failing to find common ground financially with the Sixers and for the latter to have found a base for the Australian.

Ben Simmons hasn’t even officially left Phily yet that he could … stay! At a time when communication seemed definitively cut off between the strong 25-year-old All Star point guard and the Sixers management, the player could finally leave his residence in Los Angeles to return to Philadelphia. Having failed to find common ground financially with the Pennsylvania franchise and for the latter a base for the player called up three times for the All Star Game, Simmons should not have a other choice for the moment than to stay under his colors which he does not want to hear any more. Cold in particular with his coach Doc Rivers, first responsible for his desire to leave after five seasons with the Sixers, the Australian had announced that he no longer saw himself wearing the jersey dear to Joel Embiid and his teammates in the future. . He thought then that his employers would find a solution. Which is not yet the case to this day.

A return that would not change the sequel for Simmons?

This Monday, ESPN and The Athletic thus commonly announce that the Sixers talk to Simmons’ training camp to get him back to Phily while they wait to find a deal that works for both camps. Especially since for each game missed in the preseason, knowing that it still officially belongs to the franchise, the Australian loses $ 360,000. His team having played three games since the resumption, the amount of damage is quickly counted. The Simmons soap opera is therefore oriented almost irremediably towards the impossible, and completely unexpected. Especially since a few days ago, three teammates of the player, including Embiid, had traveled to California to try to convince their partner to return. Or rather to stay. Not sure that Sixers fans give him the same welcome if his « return » is confirmed.

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