Peter Kiss, the undrinkable nugget who will land in the NBA!


In NCAA, if some players manage to be appreciated, the best known are often those that everyone loves to hate. And this year, as March Madness approaches, a rear undrinkable is making a huge buzz for its undrinkable character, and its talent.

There are things that will never change in the NCAA at this time of year, such as the fantastic epic of a small team during March Madness or on the contrary, the catastrophic course of a big university filled with future players. NBA. But the tradition that should make everyone react in the coming days is the presence of a talented white player, whom everyone loves to hate. One action perfectly sums up the situation.

This one’s for you, bitch!

Peter Kiss, the new NCAA JJ Redick

After JJ Redick, after Grayson Allen, here is Peter Kiss, who has the name, the head, and the attitude of the perfect villain at the NCAA level. The United States’ leading scorer with 25.1 points per game, accompanied by 5.8 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1.6 steals, the fullback is of an arrogance that is matched only by his talent with a ball in his hands . After each basket, he does not hesitate to attack the public, his opponents, with a fairly characteristic New York charisma. He also spoke about this in the NY Post.

Honestly, I think I’m the most fun player in the whole country. Seriously, I’m having fun on the pitch like never before, even if sometimes I do a little too much in the eyes of some. My only goal is to win, and that’s what I do while having fun. What more ? I would really like others to have the chance to have fun like me on the court.

Peter Kiss can take advantage of the moment, he who has had a more than chaotic university career. He started in Quinnipiac in 2016, before leaving for Rutgers, a much more prestigious establishment, but where he did not have the level to find a place for himself. After a disappointing first season in 2018, he was placed on reserve, and was forced to join Bryant’s small college, far from the spotlight. But it was in this “intimate” environment that he was able to develop, to the point of becoming the most hated player in the country. A prestigious honorary status, which testifies to a real talent.

Peter Kiss has joined a long list of players hated at the NCAA level, and many of them went on to have successful NBA careers afterwards. JJ Redick played 15 years, Grayson Allen is a starter for the defending champions, so why not dream of a great future for the scorer of Bryant?


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