Perk drops his all-time top 10 and blows the internet

Former NBA pivot Kendrick Perkins, phone in hand, attacked LeBron James' Los Angeles Lakers and specifically targeted one of their incumbents on Twitter

Jesse D. Garrabrant / Cato Cataldo

Fashionable analyst, Kendrick Perkins does not hesitate to use shocking phrases to shake up the NBA universe. He also made the buzz again with his ranking of the ten greatest players in history, recently. This has thus unpin the Twitter sphere!

Ranking players in the NBA is almost a sport of its own, and every league observer has played this game at one point or another. The latest is none other than Kendrick Perkins, who has published his Top 10 best basketball players for all periods on the American floors. And one thing is certain, the old pivot converted into an expert for ESPN caused an uproar over this one:

Kendrick Perkins names LeBron James best all-time player

If the names listed are nothing shocking, far from it, it is rather their ranking order that made fans jump. Indeed, the 2008 champion has indeed decided to put Lebron james in first position, ahead of Michael Jordan. The new chapter in an eternal debate, which literally unleashes passions. This was also seen in the comments, Internet users spitting their venom on the choice of Perk ‘with vehemence:

As soon as I saw # 1, I knew it was gonna be shit

I’m shocked at how ridiculous your ranking is, brother

I stopped reading after the first place.

We can also evoke Bill Russell « only » in 10th place, but it is the respective classification of LeBron James and Michael Jordan which makes the headlines here. Perkins was not afraid to make enemies, which is not lacking to arrive with this Top 10!

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