Perhaps a farewell to the rise in league 2 for La Berri defeat 1-0, at home, by Boulogne-sur-Mer

Playing a team that is red lantern and whose future is more than compromised in this division is never easy. The Castelroussins learned this the hard way. And the hopes of accession to league 2 probably flew away against Boulogne / Mer

The Castelroussins, however, begin the meeting foot to the floor. They dominate, they urge the Boulonnais but in the end it is the latter who get the first chance. Gomel at the entrance to the penalty area forces the goalkeeper castelroussin to a good save (6th). The answer is not long in coming. On a free kick at the entrance to the surface, Thomas Robinet, the blue-and-red striker finds the frame. It is the Nordiste goalkeeper with a firm hand who puts the ball for a corner (12th). But the clearest opportunity of this first period will also be in Boulogne. On a cross on the left side, Nsikulu at the penalty spot, strikes in pivot and forces Delecroix to a beautiful horizontal save (29th). La Berri certainly has the ball but cannot be decisive.

0 to 0 at half time

Players and fans get their hopes up as 25-yard defender Vargas tries his luck. The ball takes the direction of the skylight but the goalkeeper from Boulogne, imperial, deflects for a corner (43rd). Halftime then comes on this score of 0 to 0. A first period dominated by the Castelroussins in possession of the ball but the Northerners had good situations. The two goalkeepers on both sides made great saves so as not to concede a single goal.

Boulogne-sur-Mer opens the brand at the 74th

Back from the locker room, Berri still has his foot on the ball but still can’t make the difference. The public is rightly impatient (0 to 0 61st). The return of Sirin Doucouré is good but the Boulogne defense remains tight. And suddenly the worst scenario occurs in the 74th: The red lantern scores! On a strike pushed back by the goalkeeper Castelroussin, the Boulonnais Buzin pushes the ball into the back of the net (0-1 74th). Despite multiple changes La Berri will not return.

A defeat that hurts a lot: the podium moves a little further away for La Berri, still 7th but who now has a 7-point gap on the new 3rd in the standings: Concarneau, penultimate opponent of La Berri, who gave up his place of dolphin in Annecy.

Mathieu Chabert speaks of a terrible counter-performance but does not yet want to talk about abandoning the objective of the climb. « We are competitors and we will play until the end. The truth of today is not that of tomorrow« explains the Castelroussin technician who is still hoping for a rebound from his team. The Castelroussins will, we hope, have the opportunity to react in Chambly (Oise) next Friday (April 1).

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