« People have zapped me, but I’m going to wake up a lot of people »

Missing a season can happen to anyone, but the NBA universe can sometimes be cruel to the players involved. However, one of them decides to give back the change of their coin to his detractors… The competition is prevented!

If he has averaged 15 points in 2020-21, Tyler herro overall disappointed after his huge playoffs as a rookie. Observers have therefore not been kind to the Miami guard since the end of the season. However, the latter is visibly done with the critics, as he announced in Miami herald. South Beach can prepare to see it transformed!

I am ready to bounce back this year. There is no doubt that I had high expectations at the start of last season and some people fall asleep on me again. In that sense, I’m going to wake up a lot of people like I did in my first year bubble.

Big talk then, but it seems that the rear has given itself the means to assume them throughout the coming year. He has indeed revealed that he had worked hard this summer, in order to come back in the best possible way. He notably worked on his physique, in order to become more robust:

Coach Erik Spoelstra and I met before the start of the offseason and we set a number of goals that we thought were good for me. Taking 3 kg was one of them. I lived in the weight room and ate enough calories each day.

Relatively frail so far, Herro should actually be better able to respond to the physical challenge imposed by his opponents every night, on both sides of the field. The player is in any case overflowing with confidence, affirming without hesitation that he will be a real headache for all his opponents:

I will be able to stay in front of my man more easily, keep everything in front of me and withstand more shocks from the defenders. I feel faster. I feel stronger. I feel faster. I feel that I have improved in all areas.

Tyler Herro is hot, and he’s going to want to show it from the first weeks of competition. We are sure that the Heat and its supporters will particularly appreciate his state of mind!

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