Pedro Sanchez’s wish

The political damage was substantial and the diplomatic tear deep to be repaired with a simple wish. By expressing his wish to go to Algeria, the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, knows full well that he is very far from the mark. It is still necessary that he officially revise his position bringing the full support of his country to the illegal and illegitimate formula of the internal autonomy of Western Sahara advocated by the occupying power of Morocco. At the announcement of this reversal, on March 18, Sanchez gave himself to his heart’s content, going so far as to glorify himself in front of the Spanish parliamentarians who challenged him and ostentatiously for having sold Western Sahara to the occupier. Moroccan. Carried away by its momentum, this vaudeville then showed incredible strategic awkwardness. After unsuccessfully trying to involve the European Union in a strictly bilateral Algerian-Spanish dispute, he activated the heavy artillery. He then put his Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, in a serious enterprise with regard to Algeria. Didn’t Albares contact NATO, which was holding its summit in Madrid, to “convince the Atlantic Alliance of the strategic importance of the threats on its southern flank? His Machiavellian strategy was to present Algeria as a Russian-bis southern threat. To do this, he highlighted “the energy blackmail practiced by Algeria” at the very moment when President Abdelmadjid Tebboune publicly reassured on television that “Algeria will honor its energy contracts in good and due form”. Irresponsible, the character is clearly part of a war context. For Algeria, Madrid will have to bear the consequences. In the mistakes of Sanchez, it is all of Spain that suffers. The position of the president of the government has earned the country the suspension by Algeria of the Treaty of Friendship, the recall of its ambassador and a reduction in gas supplies in this delicate context of war in Ukraine. Back to the wall, Sanchez then suffered the wrath of the opposition and part of the coalition who accused him of having compromised Spain’s strategic relations with Algeria. He is glancing at Algeria and trying to get his bearings after noticing that his country’s reversal has ruined bilateral trade and mortgaged future cooperation in the field of energy. Rejected by all the opposition in his country, he is also the only political leader in all of Europe to be persona non grata in Algeria. In the end, he managed a consensus against himself. What a poor performance.

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