Pays de Ploërmel: Sandrine has rebuilt herself with sport and has taken up the challenge of the Ultra Marin

Sandrine was happy to finish the 100 km ultramarine raid, but would have continued well
Sandrine Fichet, resident of Mauron (Morbihan) is now aiming for the 177 km Ultra Marine in 2023. ©Le Ploërmelais

Sandrine Fichet, resident of Mauron (Morbihan) always loved sports. Like all his family for that matter. She notably practices basketball and tennis, her husband Denis runs, stepfather Jean-Pierre is a fan of running… Which has never been the case for Sandrine. But a few years ago, what was « both physically and mentally good fun » became a medical recommendation.

After an accident in 2019, I suffered elbow trauma and was off work. I consulted a sports and pain doctor who gave me a prescription to practice sports to bring well-being thanks to the endorphins released during exercise.

A success, according to her, which pushed her to commit in a crazy betparticipate in 100 kilometer(s) from Ultra Marinethe Gulf of Morbihan raid.

From 1 to 36km

But it was first necessary to start small with « a kilometer, then more and more, being followed by the doctors ». At the end of ten monthsit was the first 10kmthen the Vannes marathon in 2020 And the one of Rennes in 2021.

From 2020, I tested the Ultra Marin, over a distance of 36 km, then 56 km in 2021. I was overflowing with energy and wanted to skip the stages, but supervised by Alain from the Joyeux Joggers Josselinais, I learned to know myself and progress.

In 2022, we had to try something else.

The ultramarine over 100 km with his brother

And that something is theVannes Ultra Marine. An adventure that she decided to make family.

 » With my brother Stephanehimself ultra trail lover, we decided to take up the challenge. Starting and ending together, a common adventure. I knew my first ultra was now. How did she know? “My mind and my body told me so, despite opinions that were not always optimistic. An experience that makes her ask herself a question:

Does it take courage to face crazy challenges? In any case, it takes a sacred desire that I have had for a long time.

No stress, and proud to finish

On the starting line, no stress. “I was ready, I wasn’t afraid and I was sure to go all the way. We have had fun to go all the way, to show everyone that it was possible. Sandrine and her brother « left on Friday at 2 p.m. to arrive on Saturday morning, it’s the mental which allowed us to go all the way, » she says.

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If the difficulties and low energy did not fail, nothing stopped the pair.

In the last kilometers, I had a twinge in my heart, because I didn’t want it to stop. I was well, aware that the limit was neither in my body nor in my legs. Crossing the line, I closed my eyes. It is total inner happiness where time and space do not exist. I am very proud. The emotions are real and my eyes moist. This emotion was so strong that I want to feel it again.

New goals

“Winning is not about beating others, but about conquering yourself, taming your body and taming your limits and fears. For me, winning means surpassing myself and turning my dreams into reality”. But as soon as he crossed the finish line, another challenge caught his eye: the 177 km of the Ultra Marin 2023!

Nothing is impossible. Sandrine confesses her motto: dream, dare, prepare and enjoy. And there, she savors.

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