“Pay it right away”: Morant and KD shocked by the madness of a superstar!

Superstars of the NBA courts, Ja Morant and Kevin Durant, however, also follow other disciplines. In this case, the two men were blown away by the show offered by a big name in the NFL this weekend. For them, you have to pay handsomely on the spot!

While France and Spain battled for gold in the Eurobasket final, American football was playing its second week of the NFL regular season. And we had the right to a hell of a show across the country, especially during the poster between Baltimore and Miami. The former were indeed able to count on a Lamar Jackson on fire throughout, the quarterback signing an XXL performance (21/29 in the pass for 308 yards and 3 touchdowns as well as 9 races for 119 yards and 1 TD):

Unfortunately for the star of the Ravens, it was not enough since opposite, his counterpart Tua Tagovailoa did even better by throwing no less than six touchdowns, giving the victory to the Dolphins (42-38). This is still a huge perf ‘on the part of the QB, and excellent publicity for him who really needs it. Indeed, he is at the heart of a financial showdown with his franchise. The latter thus wishes to place him under the franchise tag, which would allow him to keep Jackson for one more year and an amount predetermined by the league.

Lamar Jackson impresses Durant and Morant in NFL

Problem, the player in question would prefer to obtain a new long-term contract, and with a salary allowing him to be among the highest paid athletes on the circuit. Already supported by several of his peers, he also had the right to a similar speech from the NBA. Ja Morant and Kevin Durant were so flabbergasted by the show offered by the launcher, to the point of asking that we sign the desired check on the spot:

Pay Lamar right away, not after the game, not after the season. NOW

Number 8 (Jackson’s jersey number, editor’s note) has gone to the next level. It’s already been 4 touchdowns and counting.

Lamar Jackson has been one of the league’s best quarterbacks for three years, even battling for MVP on the Ravens side. For Ja Morant and Kevin Durant, there is no doubt about it: the NFL player deserves his solid gold contract, which Baltimore does not yet seem willing to give him.

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