Paul Pogba plays on Manchester United’s nerves

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Like Kylian Mbappé at Paris Saint-Germain, Paul Pogba (28) is giving Manchester United a hard time. Will extend, will not extend during this summer transfer window? Nothing is less certain for the leaders of Mancun, moreover with the manifest interest of the Parisian club for several weeks. However, the French midfielder does not intend to clash with the Red Devils and would prefer, according to information from Sky Sport, give yourself time for reflection. Very fulfilled within the English club, the French international (84 caps, 11 goals), however, rejected a first proposal for an extension of the leaders of MU.

While the former Le Havre currently receives an annual salary of around € 17.6 million, a new contract of at least three years can allow him to touch nearly € 60 million, or around twenty million euros per year was offered to him. In vain. An offer rejected which could have shown a clear sign of the wishes of the Mancunian midfielder but according to the British media, the “Pickaxe” does not prevent a long-term future with Manchester United.

A future at Manchester United envisaged?

Satisfied with the summer recruitment with the arrival of the talented Jadon Sancho (21) and the imminent signing of Raphaël Varane (28), his teammate in the selection, Pogba also forges a very close relationship with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the current coach of the last Premier League runner-up. These are all factors proving the 28-year-old midfielder’s attachment to the Mancunian club, but at this stage of his career, Pogba is also aware that this is most certainly his last big contract. A timing that pushes the Red Devils player to take his time, even if it means refusing to extend during this summer transfer window to afford more leeway next summer.

Free from any contract, the former Juventus midfielder will indeed have the opportunity to engage where he wishes and yield to one of the many potential sirens issued by a great European. If discussions are currently continuing with representatives of Pogba to convince him to extend in the days to come, there is no doubt that this uncertainty thrills the leaders of Manchester United. Always on the lookout, could PSG take advantage of it this summer? To be continued …

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