Paul George close to an odious all-time record


After another failed performance on Tuesday night, Paul George continues to attract the wrath of many. The winger will have to wake up, at the risk of having a new rather odious record.

In the second round of the playoffs, the Clippers have a lot to prove. After a rather complicated first experience against the Mavs, Tyronn Lue’s men must imperatively reassure by taking the best of the Jazz, leader of the West during the regular season. In short, a perfect test to gauge a team.

And precisely, we can say that it went rather badly this Tuesday evening, with an entry defeat for the Clippers, on the score of 109-112. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have been targeted by social networks, and it is not completely undeserved.

Indeed, and if his season remains honorable, PG13 was largely missed in Game 1 with a 4/17 shooting, despite 13 points in the last quarter. His first encounter is bad, so needless to say that a reaction is expected fairly quickly. Otherwise, the winger could join the story … through the wrong door.

Greatest total of playoff matches at 25% or less

In this table, we find the former Celtic Bob Cousy who throne the first place with 13 playoff games at 25% shooting or less. George is already on the podium with 10 such matches, and it might not be over for him.

One thing is for sure, the Clippers will need a big PG to try and reverse the series. Kawhi will not be enough against a great Jazz team, and the former Thunder absolutely must show what he is capable of to land in the conference final.

Always so clumsy, Paul George launched his series against Jazz in the worst possible way. Awakening expected for the winger, at the risk of attracting the wrath of many, and taint a little more his reputation.


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