Patrick Mahomes brilliantly circumvents an NFL rule

As incomprehensible as it may seem, the NFL has banned its active players since 2019 from appearing in advertisements that promote alcoholic beverages.

Except that Patrick Mahomes, who is a fine fox on the ground, is also outside.

The star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs cleverly circumvented NFL rules and launched an advertising campaign for Coors Light a few days ago.

But not the Coors Light beer, nenon!

100% flashlight, 0% adult beverage

Simply brilliant! And the references to Coors Light beer are numerous:

-A perfect lamp for camping or warm evenings with friends.
-Its metal handle recalls the cold of the Rocky Mountains. (randomly chosen analogy)
-The batteries that drop when Mahomes « cracks » his Coors Light.

Everything is there !

For a good cause

In addition to being awesome, this ad is for a good cause.

Because you can really buy the flashlight for the tidy sum of $15. And all proceeds will go to the Patrick Mahomes Foundation, which helps children in need.

Except that if you really want the Coors Light to “light up” your summer evenings, you will have to be patient a little, because it is a great success.

Photo credit: Coors Light

Nice publicity stunt! Nice concept that reminds us that despite the constraints of life, we always end up seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (as long as the batteries are working).

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