Patrick Beverley cracks and is ejected at the Lakers, the fans… overjoyed!

The game between the Lakers and the Suns was more agitated than expected this Tuesday night in the NBA. Patrick Beverley managed to get himself ejected from the game, with a nasty gesture on Deandre Ayton. The point guard will be disciplined by the league, with possible suspension for the action. It doesn’t seem to displease the fans…

The Lakers’ winning streak came to an end on Tuesday night. On the road against a title contender, Darvin Ham’s men sank 105-115 against the Suns. Devin Booker and Mikal Bridges (50 points in total) did the heavy lifting, facing a Anthony Davis monumental. He finished with 37 points, 21 rebounds, 5 steals and 5 blocks.

Patrick Beverley still freaks out

But the fact of this part is elsewhere. Still holder, Patrick Beverley was ejected from the match. The latter did not like the fact that Deandre Ayton provokes Austin Reaves, staying above him after a counter. The former Wolve therefore decided to literally throw himself on the pivot to show his dissatisfaction. A dangerous move for many reasons and a well-deserved ejection.

The referees and players managed to avoid an escalation in violence, and everyone was quickly able to move on. Beverley was ejected, while an NBA sanction is likely. Simple fine or possible suspension of a match? No scenario should be ruled out. The Lakers supporters are also quite happy, since Bev (0 point, -15 differential in 29 minutes) is bad during this campaign. His absence would be good news for the Angelinos.

thanks for doing this Pat Bev. The Lakers will benefit from your suspension

leBron on the bench

Known for defending his teammates, Patrick Beverley proved it again with this gesture on Deandre Ayton. You have to be prepared for anything when you provoke an opponent, even at the Lakers. We now await the penalty for the leader, whose absence will do no harm to his team.

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