Pat Connaughton activates his “player option” to stay in Milwaukee


Unlike others (John Wall, Kendrick Nunn…), the activation of Pat Connaughton’s “player option” for next season was not automatic because the rear/winger’s rating is good.

After his career-best season, averaging 9.9 points at 39.5% 3-point success, the former Blazer could indeed have gotten more than the $5.7 million he will earn in the next campaign. . According to some, he could have outright doubled his salary with some teams.

But it would have necessarily been in less competitive teams, and he therefore prefers to continue the adventure in Wisconsin, where he feels very good alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“I know that when you’re in the NBA, you only have a limited amount of time. It is different and unique compared to other professions. It is a shorter period of time. It’s a business. Guys want to make as much money as possible during this period, because it’s short and they have the rest of their lives to live and a family to support.he explained last month. “But I try to see things a little differently, to see other things than the monetary value that it can bring. Fighting for the title, playing alongside guys like Giannis, Jrue and Khris, for Coach Budenholzer and our owners. I think they’ve done a really good job here in Milwaukee creating a family culture and that’s something that’s always interested me. »

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