Pat Beverley’s cash reaction after LeBron’s madness!

LeBron James shocked more than one, with his very big outing on the floors of the Drew League. Patrick Beverley spoke in particular about his performance, having trouble finding the words. We understand better why he wants to join him in LA!

It’s been ten years since we last saw LeBron James participate in the Drew League, and after the show he gave us last night, we have every right to regret such a long absence. The Lakers winger has indeed shone with a thousand lights on the courts, in the company of DeMar DeRozan in particular, and dropped a huge box. Certainly awkward behind the arc (2/13), he still finished with a very big double-double with 42 points and 16 rebounds.

For one match, we completely forgot that we were talking about a 37-year-old athlete, who has had injury concerns in recent months. Clearly, the four-time champion didn’t seem to be diminished, although the opposition was obviously much weaker than in the regular season. Nevertheless, among his peers, we were impressed by the power and intensity he released on the ground. Patrick Beverley notably remained speechless on Twitter:

PatBev shocked by LeBron James masterclass

Bron was crazy today. Looked like an NBA season game

The new Jazz player was inevitably in shock after such a masterclass from the Chosen One, who individually dominated from the head and shoulders. We know that PatBev has been squinting in LA for a few weeks now, and seeing LBJ’s performance probably only made him want to join him in the Purples and Golds even more. Fans are well aware of this, those who tried to recruit him in the comments of his post:

Join the Lakers

Brother, what are you waiting for to sign for the Lakers? Please do it

If LeBron James can repeat those kinds of feats in 2022-23, then no doubt playing alongside him can be a real treat. It would therefore not be surprising if Patrick Beverley forced his departure from Utah, even if it meant negotiating a buy-out.

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