Pat Beverley reacts cash to the Warriors scandal and smashes Draymond!

Los Angeles Lakers NBA point guard Patrick Beverley didn't spare Draymond Green following his outburst during a recent Golden State Warriors practice

Los Angeles Lakers (DR) / Golden State Warriors (DR)

The big controversy initiated by Draymond Green in Golden State obviously provokes many reactions within the league. Patrick Beverley joined the movement, and did not go into detail when attacking the big man star!

Like all sagas of this magnitude, it is impossible for the various members of the NBA to escape questions on the subject. The clash between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole in training for the Warriors has therefore been on everyone’s lips for a few days. And not surprisingly, the interior of the Dubs does not see itself spared from criticism, even from its peers.

Patrick Beverley criticizes the attitude of Draymond Green

While a Steph Curry himself ended up siding with one of his teammates in Golden State, the other stars and big names in the league obviously do the same. Given his outspokenness, Patrick Beverley, for example, could not help but say a word about this case. The Lakers point guard even waited a few seconds to evoke it scathingly in the first episode of his new show:

Pat Beverly: Am I now one of those players who are part of the media?

Adam Ferrone: Is that the impression you have?

Pat Beverly: I don’t know… I don’t hit people.

A first punchline already well targeted, and which quickly led the discussion to the hot topic.

After asserting that he had nothing to reproach himself for the behavior of Draymond, who took part in his podcast just before the incident, Pat Bev strongly condemned the latter. All this, with a new tackle with both feet off in the direction of Green and his lack of professionalism:

No, it’s a surprise that two teammates come to blows. It should never happen. Never. It must not happen. In any case, it has never happened in one of my teams. Because before fighting, there are arguments. We are professionals. This is a line that should not be crossed.

Also bloodthirsty, Beverley therefore considers this slippage as unforgivable. To see if his recent host will be entitled to more leniency within his franchise!

Always frank in his speeches, Patrick Beverley honored his reputation by attacking Draymond Green head-on for his recent bloodshed against Jordan Poole. Decidedly, even the other hotheads do not help him!

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