Pat Bev lets go: “He flopps all the time with his flabby body”

Patrick Beverley never keeps his tongue in his pocket, even if it means being (too) incisive towards some of his prestigious opponents. The proof, with his last big attack on the physique of a league superstar!

After 10 years of good and loyal service, he is not likely to change his attitude now. Renowned as one of the biggest barkers in the league, Patrick Beverley appears as a divisive character in the NBA universe. His contribution to a team is no less remarkable, as illustrated by his arrival at the Timberwolves last summer.

Sent to Minnesota, Pat Bev asserted himself there as an oh-so-important defensive leader for his franchise. 2nd worst defense in the league last year (117.7 points conceded per game on average), the latter is now showing clear progress in this area (12th best defensive rating, 109.7). His new pack leader also retains his characteristic outspokenness, which can sometimes put some stars at odds!

Pat Beverley compliments Doncic… is his flabby body

If he has several haters on the NBA circuit, Patrick Beverley is one of Luka Doncic’s main rivals. An antagonism which owes its origin to the recent series of playoffs between Clippers and Mavericks, who gave birth to major clashes between the two men. The Wolves leader nevertheless wanted to pay tribute to the Slovenian during his recent appearance in The Old Man and the Three… for his vice!

What makes Luka so hard to defend? His intelligence. Like, he’s crazy physical, but he flop all the time! And that’s exactly the same thing I do! Get in there, and I’ll be like, « Oh, he’s trying to kill me, Mr. Referee! » Punish him, he’s trying to kill me! »

Often at the heart of scuffles on the floors, Luka and Pat Bev would therefore not be so different!

In any case, this is what the former Clippers watchdog says, who at the same time distinguishes Luka Doncic of his prestigious peers… for his very particular physique!

He’s exactly like me on this. Like, he initiates contact and rams into you, and it’s not like other players where you can feel the muscles and everything. With him, it’s not his muscles, and it’s not to disrespect his body or anything, but that’s how he’s made. He has a flaccid but solid body. (…) You can’t really defend him as I would like to do, physically. He’s good at it.

This morphological specificity would thus allow the star of the Mavs to gain the upper hand over his opponents, and even to place himself as hardest player to defend according to Beverley !

His skills? His size advantage over the opposing backs? No, for Patrick Beverley, it is the physical density of Luka Doncic that makes him so formidable. Add to that his skills as a flopper, and you have an almost indefensible combo!

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