Past, present, future… George Eddy’s NBA

Main subject of a documentary broadcast by Canal + from this January 15, George Eddy will be on commentary for the NBA match between the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls which are played on Friday in Paris. For the occasion, « Mister George » confided in his NBA.

What is the most memorable NBA game for you?

It’s very difficult. One of the 1993 Finals games between Chicago and the Suns. Jordan versus his buddy Barkley. This series is amazing. There are five away wins out of six matches, one match with three overtimes, John Paxson’s famous shot to win the title…

The action that marked you the most?

The action that people remember the most is Vince Carter’s dunk on Frenchman Fred Weis at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He’s not from the NBA, but he’s an NBA player. It is certainly one of the most beautiful dunks in history.
In the NBA, in 1991 during Jordan’s first NBA Finals against the Lakers, he also put in a great basket. He climbs to the right of the basket, changes hands in the air and scores left hand. He stayed in the air for so long…

« The best right now is Jokic »

The best player in history according to you?

I agree with Michael Jordan when he talks about Bill Russell, the center of the Celtics in the 60s. He won eleven titles in thirteen seasons. Five more than Jordan who always spoke of Bill Russell when asked who was the greatest player in history according to him.
After obviously, Jordan had a global impact. The growing globalization of the NBA, whether through ads, Nike, the Dream Team of 92, it’s Jordan. He was the locomotive of this internationalization of the NBA. If we only talk about impact, Jordan is the greatest of all time.

And the current best player?

For two years it is Nikola Jokic the Denver player. He has won two MVP titles in a row and he will have his say for a third title in a row. This is proof that the internationalization of the NBA has worked well. Jokic is Serbian. And behind or almost at his level, there is Luka Doncic the Slovenian (Dallas) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee), who is Greek-African. Of the top five players in the world, three are non-Americans.
A few years before these players there were obviously Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

Who is your favorite for the title this season?

There are a lot of candidates this season. At least six teams can win the title, there is no particular favorite that stands out. Denver with Jokic, Milwaukee with Antetokounmpo, Brooklyn with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Golden State remains dangerous…

« Like Pippen, Jaylen Brown is underrated »

The most underrated player you’ve seen?

Good question… We could say Scottie Pippen who has always been in Jordan’s shadow, but we still know him. He wasn’t totally underestimated either. Currently, a player like Jaylen Brown is in the shadow of Jayson Tatum in Boston when he deserves as much attention as him.

Your favorite franchise?

It has changed a lot over the years actually. When I was young, it was the teams of Wilt Chamberlain, who was a kind of superhero who was 30 years ahead of the rest of the NBA. Philadelphia and after the Lakers. Then I loved Julius Irving from the Nets and Philadelphia. Then there were the Lakers and the Celtics during the Magic-Birds rivalry. The collective level was fantastic. Then the Bulls of Jordan, the Spurs of the time of Tony Parker and the Warriors of Stephen Curry.

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