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For the sixth consecutive year, TDActu in partnership with Unibet, offers you a detour every week on our favorites and the most interesting odds of the Sunday matches to come. Here are the ones that caught our attention for this eleventh week of competition!


Chicago Bears – Baltimore Ravens: Ravens win by 7 points or more: odds at 1.80

It’s hard to imagine the Ravens being humiliated twice in a row on the road against a lower-caliber team. Plus, given the neglect of many teams coming out of the rest week, the Bears could struggle to face a well-trained opponent. Chicago has enough flaws to be exploited from both sides of the ball. At worst, Baltimore can count on Lamar Jackson to save the day in the 4e quarter time.

Jacksonville Jaguars – San Francisco 49ers: 49ers win 8 points or more: odds at 1.96

After a short week, the 49ers move across the country for an early kick-off. Although they were shaky at home, the situation is different far from their bases with 3 wins in 4 games. Jacksonville has shown a better face at home, but seems limited against an opponent who has the opportunity to balance his record with a victory. Whichever way you cut it, San Francisco’s strategy is much better, especially with a playoff qualification still possible.

Tennessee Titans – Houston Texans: more than 27.5 points scored by the Titans: odds at 1.79

With future opposition to the Patriots in week 12, the Titans could very well have their heads elsewhere in this divisional duel. However, teams coming off a week’s rest are hardly successful this season (7 wins – 9 losses), and the Texans looked like a complete disaster in their last game. Mike Vrabel’s men have enough weapons to climb the bill and continue their march forward.

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Kansas City Chiefs – Dallas Cowboys: over 57.5 points scored: odds at 1.85

Cowboys and Chiefs saw their offense explode in Week 10, Dallas having routed Atlanta and Kansas City finally offering a flawless score against Vegas. With Dak Prescott and Patrick Mahomes back after short setbacks, expect this game to live up to its promises. Both quarterbacks like to shoot down the field for big plays, but they’ve also proven they can get by with long drives with a little more reliance on running. It feels like the match that can swing from side to side, where defenses don’t shine with their efficiency.

Philadelphia Eagles – New Orleans Saints: Saints win: odds at 1.91

The Eagles have been focusing on racing lately with Jalen Hurts and their running committee. It worked to make the passing game more efficient. The victory over the Broncos may be their greatest achievement this season, but the march is higher this week with the reception of New Orleans. The Saints have fought an epic fight against the Titans, leaders of the AFC, and have the means to thwart Philadelphia. Effective at containing ground play, the defensive squad will face a limited receiving corps. And even with Trevor Siemian as quarterback, the Saints seem better equipped to gain the upper hand with a system based on short passes and dominant ground play.

Cleveland Browns – Detroit Lions: more than 27.5 points scored by the Browns: odds at 1.80

A victory or nothing. With 4 losses in the last 6 games, the Browns no longer have a choice if they want to taste the playoffs again in January. On both sides of the ball, Cleveland needs to play better and Detroit’s reception this week looks like a good opportunity to get the home stretch right. Kevin Stefanski’s men will press hard on the ground with the return of Nick Chubb to relieve Baker Mayfield and take off on the scoreboard.

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