Paris 2024: Tony Estanguet prefers to add sports that « hit the mark on social networks »

After his Olympic coronation, French karateka Steven Da Costa said he hoped the organizing committee for the next Olympic Games would reconsider its decision to exclude combat sport from the list of disciplines represented. Hope cut short this Monday by Tony Estanguet, head of the Paris 2024 organizing committee.

« The role of Paris 2024 is not to reason that for France, it is to complete a sports program already made up of 28 sports, combat sports, a certain number of racket sports, team sports », he began by reminding the microphone of Franceinfo. Before continuing: « we had the possibility of adding four other sports which today are not represented and whose communities are not represented in the games ».

Skateboarding, breakdancing, rock climbing and surfing in Paris 2024

« By going to look for urban sports such as breakdance and skateboarding, we are really going to look for sports that are successful on social networks and that young people watch a lot », finally justified the president of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024. The next games, organized in the capital in 2024, will welcome four new disciplines: skateboarding, breakdance, climbing and surfing.

« So I regret that there will not be karate in 2024 because it is true that Steven Da Costa was a very great champion (…) but unfortunately the role of the organizing committee is to find that balance, ”he concluded.

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