Paris 2024 between sport and diplomacy

Cécilia Berder, member of the French fencing team, takes a look at Olympic and Paralympic news in preparation for the Paris Games in 2024. This week, we are talking about sport and diplomacy, two worlds that coexist very well.

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The Terre de Jeux program continues to grow to combine sport and diplomacy. Program proposed by Paris 2024, it allows French cities to apply for the Terre de Jeux label. THE’The objective of this label is to mobilize the municipalities and their inhabitants to put more sport in the life of everyone, and to leave a legacy once the Games are over.

This program also reveals real diplomatic issues because it is now open to French embassies. 34 embassies around the world have joined the Terre de Jeux community. This new ambition would allow the two million French people living abroad to fully experience the adventure of the Games.

Tokyo, Copenhagen, Dakar, Sarajevo and Brussels are for example embassies where Terre de Jeux activities have already emerged. The The objectives of these activities are simple: to promote the know-how of France as a host country for major sporting events and to highlight the universal values ​​of sport, Olympism and Paralympism.

If we retrace history, sport has often been used to represent a diet. Examples from the Cold War period or the Berlin Games in 1936 illustrate this. At that time, sportsmen were almost like war machines. Today, with sport, we talk more about soft power. Soft power makes it possible to assert itself internationally without using military power. South Korea with its cultural phenomena – the film Parasite, series Squid Game or K-Pop music – are very powerful tools to impose themselves on a global scale.

Paris and its Olympic and Paralympic Games will be at the center of the world for the next three years. It is a golden opportunity to welcome all the nations on its territory, to increase its tourist attendance, to promote diplomatic exchanges with other heads of government and to convey an image linked to the values ​​of sport such as peace. , friendship, surpassing oneself and respect.

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