Winner of the Copa America with Argentina this summer and qualified for the next World Cup in Qatar, Leandro paredes is not afraid to face theFrench team. During an interview with ESPN, the 27-year-old midfielder made it clear.

 » The France team has great players but plays poorly. In Europe, Spain is playing well. But playing well doesn’t ensure you win. I think Argentina does not play worse than the France team ”, he thus launched.

Paredes wants to stay in Paris

The ex-Roma player has also spoken about his future, clearly prioritizing an extra time at the PSG: “I am happy in Paris. I hope to stay there for a long time. The rumors of departure, I don’t know where it came from. I spoke with the coach, the leaders, everything is clear. We are all happy. I don’t know why it’s talking about that (a departure, editor’s note). «