Paqueta must be « reframed » according to Rothen, after the penalty case

During the Lyon shipwreck in Rennes, Sunday evening in Ligue 1 (4-1), Lucas Paqueta stood out by « stealing » a penalty intended for Houssem Aouar, while his team lost 4-0. For Jérôme Rothen, the incident shows that the Brazilian has taken a big head lately. And the RMC Sport consultant believes that the OL staff must react.

The incident did not go unnoticed. Sunday evening at Roazhon Park, while Rennes mistreated OL on their lawn and the scoreboard was 4-0, the end of the match was marked by an astonishing dispute between Lyonnais Lucas Paqueta and Houssem Aouar, to find out. .. who would take the penalty from 4-1. If the French midfielder had been designated upstream as a shooter, his Brazilian teammate thus seized the ball to do justice to himself, with a certain hostility.

Finally, Paqueta scored, and Aouar tried to defuse matters after the meeting, calling the scene a « small event », and asking everyone not to « make a big deal out of it ». But the small event in question bothered many observers, including Jérôme Rothen.

« You take 4-0, but you don’t care about the score, you just want to save your game with a little stat »

« It’s a non-match (for OL) yesterday, guys are being eaten, there is no problem, commented this Monday evening the former international in Rothen ignites, on RMC. But What annoys me is the returned image, with this scene at the end between Paqueta and Aouar. Boateng (and his confusion with Léo Dubois, editor’s note), for me, it’s a non-event. arrives, he reframes him, even if Dubois is the captain, it doesn’t matter… Boateng does not need the armband to tell Pierre, Paul or Jacques that it is not okay. But Paqueta, there, it is a problem. « 

Of ego, and individualism. « It’s a problem because it’s for his face, Rothen annoys. You take 4-0, but you don’t care about the score, you just want to save your game with a little stat, a more penalty It’s easy to take the ball from Aouar: he may have his character, but he’s not a brawler … Because if he falls on a stupid head instead of Aouar, but he gets into the cabbage at Paqueta. And on arrival, there is a fight. « 

Houssem Aouar and Lucas Paqueta
Houssem Aouar and Lucas Paqueta © Icon

« Come back down, my coco »

For Jérôme Rothen, the Paqueta-Aouar confusion would be above all the illustration of a small melonite crisis in the Brazilian. Which could lead to other problems, if the staff of Peter Bosz does not intervene.

« Paqueta has nothing to do there, you have to reframe him, he continues. More there than when he arrives late for the talk. (…) I had defended him on the episode of the little delay, but both sequences show that the guy starts to fly. Everyone says ‘Paqueta is the best player in Ligue 1’, he is in the 30s for the Golden Ball for some, and he surrenders You can see it on his face, which he savoring. But come back down, my coconut. He has twisted. This kind of behavior, I have known it, even personally. Everyone speaks well of you, you have it. impression that you are untouchable… It’s human. But it goes against the collective and the rules. So be careful. Be careful to reframe this kind of players. Lyon will need a strong Paqueta, but a Paqueta focused on the collective, and not focused on their individual stats. « 

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