Pablo Prigioni can’t wait to see Luca Vildoza with the Knicks | NBA

See you soon 26 (August 11), and while he has been in New York for a few weeks, Luca Vildoza will take the big leap next season, or maybe even this summer with the Summer League.

After 58 Euroleague games at 10.5 points and 3.5 assists on average, the leader / back wanted to realize his NBA dream, and it was therefore the Knicks who fell for him. After having had him under his command in Baskonia, Pablo Prigioni is full of praise in the New York Post on his young compatriot.

“Luca Vildoza is very, very good. I really like. He is talented, he has a good shoot and he knows how to pass. I can’t wait to see him next season with the Knicks. Tom (Thibodeau) will appreciate it. He’s more talented than me. We have similarities but he’s not much more talented. « 

Take an example from Facundo Campazzo

Arrived in the NBA with the Knicks at 35, the current assistant of Wolves can testify that the transition Europe / NBA is not the easiest, and to succeed at best the latter, Luca Vildoza will be able to take example on his compatriots like Manu Ginobili of course but also Facundo Campazzo.  » I tried to help him when he came to Spain and I will try to do the same this year in the United States ” explains Pablo Prigioni. “I try to stay close to him, even though I’m in Minnesota. I try to help him if he needs it… It’s hard to arrive in an NBA locker room when you come from Europe and English is not your strong point. He’s shy and it might take a while for him to get comfortable with interviews. « 

Luca Vildoza arrived from Argentina at the age of 20 and it was already the former Knicks point guard who gave him his chance. “I had a good time with him. I gave him a chance. In a Euroleague match in Israel, we were down and he had a great match. It was the trigger for him. He started playing more and more and he got very strong at Baskonia. « 

A playing card in the back of the Knicks

What convince him to try the adventure in the United States. “He was ready to take the plunge. Last year he was important in winning the title with Baskonia. He has played very well this year. We knew the NBA was the next step. The Knicks courted him, like other teams. I’m not surprised. « 

Given the situation of the Knicks with their leaders (Elfrid Payton, Frank Ntilikina and Derrick Rose are all free agents), Pablo Prigioni thinks that Luca Vildoza has a real card to play. “I can’t wait to see him because he comes at the right time. « 

What to see him holder from his first steps in the Great League? “I can’t say that. He will have to acclimatize to the coach’s systems and to the League. I do not know if he is still ready to start the matches but whatever his role, he will perform well ” he concluded all the same, cautious.

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