Pablo Longoria’s solutions to boost the attractiveness of French football

Last spring, Pablo Longoria broke the microcosm of French football after giving a clear opinion on the local coaches. A thoughtful speech that the president of Olympique de Marseille had assumed highlighting his desire to participate in the improvement of our Ligue 1. This time, he was passing through the National Assembly where he was auditioned by the parliamentary mission on the TV rights of French football. The Spanish leader noted the current situation facing French and European football as a whole while proposing solutions to improve its attractiveness.

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Another way to consume football

Thus, like the observation that Andrea Agnelli made on the consumption of football when launching the Super League project, Pablo Longoria also estimates that consumers do not spend 90 minutes in front of a football match: “We are going through a media evolution, the way we consume football is changing, is transforming. Football must adapt to this transformation. We are at a turning point and manage to adapt to this new reality. In a match, I think there are only 3 or 4 minutes really interesting, you have to be able to offer those minutes to distant consumers. Football does not have a lot of introduction and the way to transmit it, you have to be inspired by what is done in America. «  Beyond the problem caused by the withdrawal of Mediapro which has penalized all French football, he believes that the evolution of football consumption should not be forgotten.

Pablo Longoria believes that a change should be made soon, because the current and obsolete system: “Sport, and football in particular, must adapt to this transformation, to the transition from traditional television to OTT. There are always the supporters, the loyalists of a club, but there are also the consumers of three minutes. It is the society of immediacy. They want highlights, goals … […] Tomorrow we are going to play a Europa League match against Lokomotiv Moscow. I consider that the people who will watch this match are supporters of Moscow or supporters of OM. Someone else who wants to watch the Europa League tomorrow is going to look at the multiplex to see all the goals. « 

A stronger League

To implement these changes, Pablo Longoria knows well that it will not be so simple and that requires modifications at the level of the authorities with a greater weight on the part of the Professional Football League. “We must reform the legal structures, we must strengthen the governance of the League, have a very strong LFP, it is the vehicle to carry out reforms. And have much stronger economic control regulations, like what was done in Spain ”, continued Pablo Longoria, referring to the developments orchestrated in La Liga by Javier Tebas, who has undertaken better management controls.

“I am in favor of economic control within the National Leagues. Control of La Liga is more important than financial fair play a priori and not a posteriori. I am more in favor of prevention than repression ”, he then underlined. With a move from Ligue 1 to 18 clubs and the appearance of Amazon on the French football landscape to which he is favorable, Pablo Longoria noted things that go in the direction of his ideas while believing that it is necessary to do more. It remains to be seen which turn the LFP will try to take in the years to come.

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