Pablo Longoria victim of a witch hunt?

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The meeting that Pablo Longoria held on Monday with the various directors of OM was quite stormy. Above all, it revealed flaws within the Marseille club. While the fans adore him, the Marseille president is said to have plenty of internal enemies, who can’t stand the pressure he puts on them, the goals that are too high or the fact that he’s closer to his inner circle than to other employees. Unless it’s jealousy.

Anyway, this success could cost Pablo Longoria dearly. Indeed, insider Mohamed Toubache-Ter wrote on Twitter: « Pablo Longoria is in the sights of many journalists… it’s investigating, it’s investigating!! ». We can be sure that incriminating or accusatory files will be disclosed as soon as they are found!

to summarize

According to insider Mohamed Toubache-Ter, the president of OM, Pablo Longoria, annoys more and more people. Some journalists would seek to unearth certain compromising files for the Spaniard. Will they find?

Raphael Nouet

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