Pablo Longoria is already dragging a few casseroles in Marseille

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If Pablo Longoria’s Mercato at OM is rather praised by Marseille supporters, the Marseille president has achieved some odd numbers in recent months. Odd that L’Equipe does not fail to note in its edition of the day while its sales objectives are slipping and the promises made to Frank McCourt are slow to be kept.

Amavi, an error signed by Longoria?

In private, to justify this inability to sell, Pablo Longoria castigates the high salaries of the players … Omitting the fact that Jacques-Henri Eyraud was not the only person responsible for this situation. Indeed, the Spaniard would have granted a salary of € 300,000 gross per month on the last extension (4 years) to Jordan Amavi … Before realizing that Jorge Sampaoli was ultimately not a fan of the player.

Gifts to some friendly agents

The team also relies on the opaque arrangements of Longoria, such as the one concerning the arrival of Gerson, for which OM paid between 18 and 22 M € against « only » 50% of the rights of the player. Another point of criticism: the small favors of the former leader of Valencia to agents Moussa Sissoko and Djibril Niang, who placed four players in Marseille … Including the little brother of Matteo Guendouzi in reserve.

The dark side of the Mercato, Longoria style

Non-existent sales, questionable choices, opaque assemblies, gifts to friendly agents … The OM Mercato under Pablo Longoria is not a complete flawless one. The Team details the gray areas of the Marseille project under the control of the Spaniard.

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