Pablo Longoria betrays himself on the takeover of Marseille

The subject of the OM sale could again invade the news of Olympique de Marseille after the declaration of Pablo Longoria, its president.

OM sale: Pablo Longoria opens a skylight

Over the past two years, the OM sale has become the hot topic of Olympique de Marseille news. Several sources have relayed the existence of negotiations around the takeover of the Olympian team which is still in the hands of Frank McCourt. The American billionaire has continually claimed that the Marseille club is not for sale, which does not prevent Thibaud Vézirian and Romain Molina from maintaining their assertions.

These great assets on social networks have held several thousand Olympique de Marseille fans in suspense. Upon arrival, nothing has changed. The Marseille club is starting a new season under the aegis of Frank McCourt. The much-heralded takeover of OM therefore did not materialize. But is the non-change of ownership of the Marseille team a problem? Pablo Longoria answered it.

Takeover of OM: Longoria admits incapacity of Frank McCourt

It is by answering the journalists’ question on the takeover of OM that Pablo Longoria has half-opened a skylight. The Spaniard explained that Frank McCourt supported the Marseille team. He finds him attentive, concerned and attentive to what is happening in the life of the club. But contrary to what the majority of OM fans believe, having ambition is not, according to him, synonymous with the regular injection of hundreds of millions of euros into the functioning of the club.

« I think we have to look to find money for each season. Find out how to make the squad even more competitive. […] I don’t believe in football where an owner comes in with 200 million euros to do things. »said Pablo Longoria.

This statement from the leader of OM was intended to explain that the American does not put a lot of money on the table like his PSG counterparts, but that it remains normal, it seemed almost desirable. Except that today, few clubs can afford to operate without financial support from their owners.

the Paris Saint Germain, which is today the French club which sells the most derivative products and which benefits from the best partnerships, cannot cover its own expenses alone. The Qataris continue to inject money into the coffers of PSG even today, which makes the speech of the president of OM incoherent.

A takeover of OM to perpetuate its achievements?

The club’s future therefore remains an unresolved issue. Frank McCourt, if he is unable to inject money, must promote the takeover of OM by someone who could allow him to stay in the top 3 of the French championship where he fortunately slipped despite his money difficulties. With the summer transfer window that the sports management of the Marseille club has just completed, it is a new appointment that has just been made with the DNCG, the financial policeman of French football.

With the exit of Pablo Longoria, the arrival of investors capable of disbursing large sums of money to make Olympique de Marseille a European club is desired.

Bad news for the Marseille club

cazoo on the shirt of Alexis Sanchez

Shortly after Pablo’s speech, bad news hit the Marseille club. Its sponsor CAZOO announced in a press release the cessation of its activities in France and Europe. « The company intends to begin an orderly liquidation of its operations in Germany and Spain and is in consultation with its employee representatives in France and Italy »the statement said.

This cessation of activity by this sponsor shows the difficulty for clubs to rely solely on their partnerships with brands to think about the future. Without a strong investor, capable of putting significant resources on the table, a club the size of OM cannot face the many challenges on its way. Selling OM to wealthier people seems to remain the best option.

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