Outcry in Italy over DAZN outages

The reception problems of Italy’s Serie A football coverage DAZN the opening weekend of the season caused an uproar throughout theItalyincluding in politics.

Subscribers to the streaming platform have struggled to log in to watch four games of the new football season.

As the issues became widespread on August 14, DAZN attempted to remedy the problem by providing additional links through Instagram Stories for followers to access content they paid for.

The company explained that the event was of an exceptional nature and impacted certain users in several markets where DAZN is present adding that technicians were working around the clock to resolve the situation.

DAZN has promised compensation to each affected customer, in accordance with the consumer protection rules in force in Italy.

The latest outages come after an increase in monthly subscription fees to €29.99 and the introduction of restrictions on account sharing. A height.

Politicians from all major political parties have made statements criticizing DAZN’s service and calling on the Communications Authority (AgCom) and Lega Serie A to intervene.

The sector regulator has requested

urgent clarifications at DAZN about what happened and how the company is working to avoid recurrence of inefficiencies .

For its part, the Lega Serie A spoke of

irreparable damage and harm and also ordered the OTT platform to urgently provide information on

how it intends to take any appropriate action to ensure technical issues are resolved . Worse still, the pirates were able to follow the matches in peace. Quite a symbol…

DAZN has exclusive rights to seven of the ten weekly Serie A matches, sharing the other three with the pay-TV operator Sky Italia.

Just last week, the platform announced that it had signed separate agreements with Google and Samsung to allow new customers to get the service bundled with certain devices in Italy.

DAZN’s service also suffered technical problems in Spain in the first weekend of the new La Liga season. It is obvious that DAZN officials have twice failed to provide sufficient capacity to accommodate football fans ready to put their hands in their wallets to watch competitions online!

Never two without three ?

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