« Our youth needs to practice sport » for the President of the regional Olympic and sports committee.

Many sporting events scheduled for this weekend are once again postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This impacts sports clubs but the government maintains sports practice in clubs. And for Nicolas Marais, President of the Normandy Regional Olympic and Sports Committee and of the Regional Sports Conference « it’s essential. All the federations have adopted a health protocol in line with the health decisions of the Ministry of Sports and we act responsibly in the club to allow what can be played in accordance with the rules. I believe that our youth needs to practice sport, our adults too (…) We have seen the physical, social, psychological disaster of the absence, the ban on sports practice on the first and second confinement «  adds Nicolas Marais.

We have seen the physical, social and psychological disaster of the absence, the prohibition of sports practice. Nicolas Marais

« At the regional level, around 60% of matches can be held. And then it changes from week to week. So indeed it disrupts the organization of our championships ». According to Nicolas Marais « it is essentially the ice hockey club of Rouen, the RHE, which is subject to the limitation of the gauge to 2,000 spectators ». Amateur clubs are also subject to the closures of refreshment bars and catering establishments, « our club leaders aspire like all of us to return to a normal situation. »

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