Our tips for recovering well after sport


  • The recovery phase is essential after a sports session to help the body replenish its energy reserves and rest.
  • For this, it is advisable to stay well hydrated, eat healthy, sleep and rub your muscles.

As essential as the warm-up, recovery is a phase not to be skipped under any circumstances after physical exertion. It is indeed during this recovery phase that our body will be able to relax, replenish its energy reserves and eliminate the toxins produced during the effort which can cause strong muscle cramps. But how to do it ?

Stay hydrated

Drinking after practicing a sports session, whether intense or moderate, is particularly important to compensate for the loss of minerals (chlorine, sodium, potassium, etc.) eliminated in sweat. Staying hydrated also eliminates waste such as lactic acid, responsible for body aches, as well as other waste (ammonia, urea, etc.) accumulated in the muscle fibers during exercise. Finally, drinking water helps our body to replenish its reserves of glycogen, a molecule that stores energy in reserve.

To recover well, it is recommended to drink in small sips without waiting for the feeling of thirst, up to 1.5 liters of pure water in the hours following training. In case of hunger, you can eat fresh fruit just after the effort to rehydrate.

Focus on a full meal

Eating well is also essential. 2 to 3 hours after your sports session, you can opt for a complete meal, including a portion of starchy foods (pasta, rice, semolina, whole grains, etc.) to promote the restoration of energy stocks by the body and plants. (raw vegetables, fresh fruit, cooked vegetables, etc.) to fill up with minerals, antioxidants and carbohydrates. You can add a portion of animal protein (meat, lean fish, eggs) or plant protein (legumes) to help renew muscle fibers.

To sleep

To help the body recover after a sports session, sleep is an essential ally. It is when we sleep, and more particularly during the phases of slow deep sleep, that the body regenerates and that the muscular tissues are rebuilt thanks to the growth hormones. Sleep also improves the immune system and cell renewal.

Rub then compress your muscles

Rubbing the muscles, with or without oil, helps prevent the appearance of cramps or aches. It is also advisable to use compression socks after friction to facilitate venous return and promote the elimination of toxins. The ideal is to put them on after the shower following exercise and keep them on until bedtime.

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