“Our defense and our offense are NBA Top 3. And I’m not there yet. Think about it carefully ”

Tuesday after training, Klay thompson did not hide from thinking big at the end of the season for his Warriors, first in the NBA with a record of 16 wins for 2 losses:

“We are now the kind of team where it’s the title or the complete failure (‘championship or bust’). And that’s a very cool position to be in. Few players have the chance to experience this. […] I am really more motivated than ever. More than anything I want to win a title, I want it so much. »Klay Thompson

Steve kerr, a reaction ?

“It sounds like the words of a guy who hasn’t played for 2 and a half years and who is very excited to be back on the pitch. I have no problem with that. I can’t wait to see Klay on the floors. Two and a half years is a long time for anyone when you are deprived of what you love to do. But I don’t know a guy who enjoys playing basketball more than Klay. It’s been a hell of a trip, so he’s allowed to say whatever he wants, he’s got a pass (smile). « Steve Kerr

First attack (111.7 points per game for 100 possessions) and first defense (97.7 points conceded for 100 possessions per game, only team under 100 points) of the championship, Golden State has all the arguments to serve as a serious contender for the title, soon 4 years after his last ring won and 3 years after his last contested Finals.

“We are at 15-2 (before the victory against the Sixers). It’s a great indicator. Our defense and offense are in the top three in the league. And I’m not there yet. Think about it. »Klay Thompson

via SFChronicle

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