Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion still hasn’t spoken to Matt Murray

If you’re reading this website, there’s a good chance you’ve heard my grunts about the Ottawa Senators’ handling of Matt Murray over the past week.

And now another annoying wrinkle has appeared.

Murray spoke with athleticism Ian Mendes and there he told him that he had not yet had a conversation with Senators general manager Pierre Dorion.

It’s a confusing situation and clearly one that left Murray feeling frustrated, and rightly so. Murray received a big deal and was clearly appreciated by the franchise, but going without communication in what is clearly a hectic time for the player and the team is confusing to watch.

In Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Faceoff Show, Mike McKenna summed it up perfectly.

« It burns me a bit on the inside because it’s starting to be a trend, it’s a trend where a player is moved – he’s traded, he’s fired – and Pierre Dorion, general manager of the Ottawa Senators does not communicate. McKenna said. « In my eyes that’s not how you treat your players. You owe them the respect to at least give them a phone call, a text message, whatever, an explanation – especially for someone like Matt Murray who signed a four-year $ 6.25 bill.

“This is supposed to be your goalie. You gotta talk to her, you gotta tell her ‘hey, this is our plan, we’re sending you to Belleville. We want you to do this, do that, be stronger. Hope you say you still believe in him maybe not I don’t know. But you have to have these conversations as the CEO. You can’t hide from your players. I think that doesn’t send a good message across the league.

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