Other Skin, a new Clermont-Ferrand brand for women triathletes

Virginie Tarantola launched Other Skin in 2021, a clothing creation company specific to the practice of triathlon for women. Its objective is to promote this sport by offering suitable products designed in a responsible manner.

Virginie Tarantola has been practicing triathlon as an amateur for a long time and was never satisfied with the technical clothes she could get. When she was lucky enough to find comfortable pieces corresponding to the specific use of the triathlon, she often found them quite “ugly” and did not feel very good in them. So, after having followed a double training focused on fashion and sales management, she decided to create her own clothing brand. At just 24 years old, the young woman, of Grenoble origin, living in Clermont, decided six months ago to launch Other Skin which markets products adapted to the needs of women and to the specificities of this tri-disciplinary sport. Today she devotes herself full time to the launch of her first collection which takes into account the conclusions of a long product study carried out on 500 sportswomen.

Products that meet the needs of women and the criteria of each sport

Developing textiles for triathlon is a bit of a puzzle because they must meet specific technical requirements linked to the three different sports that make up the discipline. Above all, they must be ergonomic, dry very quickly when leaving the water, comfortable and padded to be able to accumulate the kilometers on the bike and free the body sufficiently for a better performance when running. The brand Other Skin, the second skin, defines very well what Virginie Tarantola seeks to create by adding other more personal constraints: they must also be elegant and feminine in order to flatter self-esteem and meet the now essential environmental criteria. . After creation of prototypes tested in real conditions, the collection is frozen to be then marketed.

A first collection of 7 products

The first spring-summer 2022 collection already has all the criteria that form the basis and values ​​of Other Skin. The clothes are comfortable and adapt to each morphology thanks to its soft and ultra stretchy material. The two fabrics from the first collection are 100% recycled from old plastic bottles and industrial waste. The zippers, elastics and bottoms of the shorts are guaranteed to be chemical-free. All this “material” is sourced in Italy, a country far ahead in the field, before the assembly phase which takes place in Portugal with the best craftsmen. The design and packaging are carried out in accordance with the shortest possible circuits. The first range is made up of 7 different products designed for triathlon and for each of the three disciplines which can obviously be practiced independently. Manufacturing should begin in February for delivery to customers in April.

Pre-sales to avoid waste

The time of overproduction and waste in the clothing world now seems to be seriously challenged. Virginie Tarantola has therefore chosen the principle of pre-sale on the Ulule platform so as to launch production as close as possible to existing demand, to which is added the provisional online sales, on the brand’s website. Launched on January 5, the pre-sale campaign, which will end on the 31st, has already reached 45% of the stated goal. This model which really allows the company to be identified as “responsible” and also a plus for direct management.

Promising future

If for the moment Other Skin is a very small business, its creator intends to develop it to concentrate more on the products and to leave the hand for the marketing and the communication. There is a wide margin for improvement because even if the triathlon is a niche, there are still 170,000 licensed women in France, not to mention the world market. The company can also count on the constant development of individual female practices of cycling, running and swimming.

Other Skin 2 / photo Antoine Daures
Photo: Antoine Daure

Discovery of Other Skin products:
La Goguette, 61 rue de l’Une Soviétique in Clermont, Saturday January 22, 2022 from 6 to 9 p.m.

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