Oscar Piastri reveals the permanent number he will have in F1

The man who kept much of the summer sage Oscar Piastri busy has revealed the permanent number he will use in F1 when he makes his McLaren debut as early as 2023.

Australian Oscar Piastri, 21, will make his F1 debut in 2023, not without a saga around the validity of his contract occupying the media, the paddock and the FIA ​​all summer!

Piastri reveals his F1 number

Oscar Piastri had posted a video on his social networks to formalize his signing with McLaren for 2023 and among the hashtags, there was #OP81! Which suggested that the Australian would use the No. 81 for his F1 debut. Interviewed by the podcast « In The Fast Lane » he clarified his choice.

« In fact when I entered my first race I had to choose a number and the car shop I went to only had number 1s in stock »he explained. « And it had to be a one or two digit number. Obviously I couldn’t be number one, for obvious reasons. So I was number 11 for my first races. »

« We signed up, I believe it was for the Victorian state championship, and someone had already signed up as number 11. So I don’t know what inspired me to pick 81 , but I changed the first 1 to a number 8 and it has stuck ever since. »

Oscar Piastri in a Formula 4 in 2017 in the British Formula 4 Championship

© British Formula 4

Since regulations require permanent numbers in F1, this will be the first time a driver has used the number 81. On the other hand, we have already seen it in Grand Prix, in the 50s, the last to have worn it was Eddie Johnson at the 500 miles of Indianapolis 1956 (when the race was part of the F1 world championship). And for a more classic « Grand Prix » outside Indy 500, it was Maurice Trintignant who wore it during the 1951 German Grand Prix on his Gordini.

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