Original rural home games: another way to play sports

This approach to sports practice, in the form of original games, born within the rural homes of Haute-Marne, has a following everywhere in France.

Thomas Matter, sports animator at the rural homes of Haute-Marne, has already started a training cycle all over France. Indeed, other associations call on him to come and explain the process of playing the original games that the rural centers of Haute-Marne have been offering for a year and a half in the territory, in extracurricular activities or at the opportunity for entertainment for the general public. Original games are another way to play sports. But the objective is to encourage physical exercise at all ages. The concept is based « on three pillars »explains Thomas Matter.

We can’t tell if we’re good or bad

Since these are unknown activities, it’s quite stupid, but no one, neither children nor adults can say if they “are good or bad. »

As a result, practitioners have no fears and approach the activity without a spirit of competition. The other pillar is based on the material used, « everything is done to increase success », specifies Thomas Matter taking the example of Poull ball, a discipline from Belgium, which is played with a large flexible ball of at least 55 cm. And finally the third pillar: the rules of the game that promote cooperation and mutual aid. “A team scores a point and everyone applauds”describes Thomas Matter, referring to the same activity.

A la détanque, (mixture of three games: petanque, dice and square balls), « It’s played in 30 points and a superpower can reverse the score of the teams »emphasizes Thomas Matter, « It adds suspense to the game. » The sports animator does not lose sight of the fact that the objective always remains the same: to do physical activity and have fun. Rural households have more than one original game in their bag and cite the Vol cage or the Froebel tower. To discover these activities, the rural centers of Haute-Marne invite the public to meet on October 9 at the Villegusien nautical base for a special “original games” day.


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