Order of the 2022 NFL Draft after Week 16

A time masters of the Top 10 with three well placed laps, the Eagles do not even appear in the Top 18. They, the Dolphins and the Colts, of which they hold the selections, are now all in a position to qualify for the playoffs.

The New York teams are always the best represented, with two picks each. The Jaguars, Lions and Texans continue to form the top three.

The Top 18 of the Draft after 16 weeks (the other teams will be ranked according to their career in the playoffs)

ChoiceTeamBalance sheet
1Jacksonville Jaguars2-13
2Detroit Lions2-12-1
3Houston texans4-11
4New York Jets4-11
5New York Giants4-11
6Carolina panthers5-10
7New York Jets (via SEA)5-10
8New York Giants (via CHI)5-10
9Washington Football Team6-9
10Atlanta falcons7-8
11Denver Broncos7-8
12Minnesota vikings7-8
13Cleveland browns7-8
14New Orleans Saints7-8
15Pittsburgh Steelers7-7-1
16Baltimore ravens8-7
17Las Vegas Raiders8-7
18Los Angeles Chargers8-7

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