Only 50 copies in the world for this Secretlab Lamborghini chair!

The brand had already teased it a bit with another armchair bearing the image of the Lamborghini car brand, but today we are there. The Secretlab Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition chair is finally availablebut only 50 copies are available worldwide and pre-orders are open now. Let’s say it right away, this exclusivity is paid for at a high price since we are talking about a pricing at 1999 euros.

A luxury armchair at 2000 euros at Secretlab with the effigy of Lamborghini

we are therefore on a luxury armchair made entirely by hand in a small quantity in order to favor quality and honor this armchair. This armchair has a conceptual design inspired by the pure emotion of driving, it pays homage to the heritage of the Lamborghini house. The coating used is Alcantara.

Secretlab Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition

In any case, the details provided look impressive. We should also mention at the back of the armchair a handmade carbon fiber shell with the number of the armchair since, remember, it is limited to only 50 copies in the world.

“Carbon fiber plays such an important role in Lamborghini’s super sports cars that we knew we had to incorporate it into the Pinnacle Edition. It was a first for us, or any gaming chair for that matter, which meant spending countless hours studying and experimenting with it. The carbon fiber shell alone went through over 20 iterations before we were happy with it, but it’s part of our no-compromise approach to design. »

said Alaric Choo, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Secretlab.

As for the rest, we find the specifications of the armchairs from secretlabwe are on quality armchairs that we love within the editorial staff.

Secretlab Lamborghini Pinnacle Edition

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