Online hate: F1 drivers join social media boycott

Don’t say anything to get the message across. Several Formula 1 drivers, including Lewis Hamilton and his compatriots George Russell and Lando Norris, have decided to join the vast movement to boycott social networks initiated in the United Kingdom to combat racism, discrimination, and more generally the phenomena of hate in line.

For 3 days – from Friday April 30 to Sunday May 2 inclusive, these runners will refrain from sharing content on their various online profiles. The movement was started by the English football championship last week. Other sporting bodies, such as the cricket and rugby leagues, have decided to do the same.

 » A boycott is unlikely to solve the problem overnight, but we must advocate for the changes that are needed, including when these seem impossible to achieve.Hamilton tweeted, very involved in social issues and the fight for equal opportunities. Sport has the power to unite us all. We cannot allow insults to be part of sport. Let’s lead by example and inspire future generations « .

Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren), Nicholas Latifi (Williams), and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) also took a vow of silence this weekend. The choice of the Monegasque did not receive a very enthusiastic reception, several Internet users pointing out his refusal for a year to kneel on the starting grid as a sign of support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. They accuse him of buying himself a virginity cheaply (but isn’t it a form of cyber-harassment to nail Leclerc to the pillory? We get lost a little in this ocean of moral rectitude) .

Formula 1, which has launched many initiatives since last year to fight discrimination, has not been subject to such a cure of silence on the networks but it supports the approach of the English Premier League and other institutions in their desire to shine the spotlight on ways to eradicate all forms of aggression online, or elsewhere.

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