One more regular season game in the NFL

The NFL regular season will no longer have 16, but 17 games. This change was approved Tuesday by the franchise owners, and will be implemented from the 2021 season. The last schedule change was in 1978, and the change from 14 to 16 games.

 » It’s a landmark decision in NFL history, enthusiastic Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the league. This change will improve the quality of NFL play, and the fan experience. This move to 17 matches will also allow us to continue to develop our discipline around the world. « 

Concretely, the additional match will oppose two teams from different conferences, which finished in the same position in their respective divisions. In 2021, the confrontations will be as follows: NFC East – AFC East, NFC West – AFC North, NFC South – AFC South and NFC West – AFC North.

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