One more competitor for Rudy Gobert on the market?

Rudy Gobert will attract people to the market, but the franchises could ignore him to target other players. A big man from the East has just been announced transferable… Clearly, the Frenchman appears less and less like the only target to acquire.

If Rudy Gobert is likely to animate the market this summer, he will not be the only interior of the league in this case. The pivots should be at the heart of the discussions during the offseason, since several big candidates will appear on the market. We think in particular of Deandre Ayton, whose season at the Suns ended in blood sausage and which already panics the competition, according to rumors. What to shade the star of Jazz?

Alongside these two men, another NBA athlete will most likely change teams in a few weeks. As revealed by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, Myles Turner will thus be transferred to the Indiana side. The franchise is in full reconstruction and it will be expensive, so keeping it is not necessarily easy for them. However, Charlotte would be ready to bring him to North Carolina, while LaMelo Ball’s squad was also expected to pursue the Frenchman:

Myles Turner available for trade to Pacers

Turner’s impending free agency in 2023 seems like an obvious reason for the Pacers to re-enter the trade market this season, if there’s little prospect for a contract extension with Indiana. The Hornets have long been seen as a potential landing spot for Turner, and they have communicated a willingness to trade their No. 15 draft pick, the sources say.

This isn’t the first time the big man has been declared available for trade, and he’s even become a sea serpent over the years. This time around, however, he only has one year left on his contract and this may be the last opportunity for his managers to take advantage of his market value. His fleeing pivot profile capable of protecting the circle is logically enough to tempt the Hornets, who need such a player.

However, if Buzz City wants to be able to acquire his services, we will have to fight. Still according to Fischer, two other teams from the East would potentially be in the running to welcome him:

More clues to Turner’s potential destinations: The Toronto Raptors remain focused on adding a top center, and the New York Knicks also expressed interest in him ahead of the trade deadline earlier in the year. season.

The Canadians in particular are not trivial suitors, because this is favorites of the bookmakers to bring Gobert through a trade. However, the latter will have the choice between different candidates, and the question now is to determine which profile will please them the most. If they ever go for The Stifle Tower, New York will probably be happy to go shopping in Indiana, in order to get a quality 5 position alongside Julius Randle.

It’s official, Myles Turner will find himself on the transfer market, the Pacers not being ready to extend it. This therefore makes one more competitor for Rudy Gobert, it remains to be seen which two pivots the competition will prefer.

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