One month, one player: Tyler Adams

Posted the : December 27, 2021

Through : Cagna-Demoustier Arthur

Every month, a file is published. This will focus on a player who could be interesting to recruit from OM. We will use three criteria to select it. The first, his mentality and his desire. The player must have the necessary shoulders or the madness to integrate into OM. The second is based on the position and versatility of the player. The last and final criterion concerns the financial aspect. The transfer must not exceed what OM are used to offering. The salary must also be correct so as not to increase the payroll. For this November edition, the editorial staff inquired about the defensive midfielder position. Boubacar Kamara seems to be moving away from OM and a new player must be taken. The name that stood out the most was Tyler Adams.

A player who has the cards in hand

Of American origin, Tyler adams is a middle in the register defensive withdrawal and possession of balls. Like many players, he evolved in his young career in 2 of the 3 Red Bull clubs. He made his professional debut with the New York club, where he quickly went on to perform well in MLS. He is a powerful, fast player with very little waste.

After 2 seasons in his country of origin, Tyler heads to Germany, to the other Red Bull club, Leipzig. He continues to gain strength little by little for 2 seasons, before obtaining a key role. Aware of his great potential, the coach of the past year, Nagelsman gives him the middle keys. He played 33 games last year, which is not ridiculous at 21. This season again, despite the change of coach, the hope of the United States is still at the center of the project, thanks to his fine qualities and his undoubted talent.

Even if it remains heavily used, a departure would not be very surprising. The objective of Red Bull clubs is to achieve added value on its players. Tyler adams has a beautiful coast and could therefore be sold. In addition, he must move on as quickly as possible. A club like Marseille could be a good candidate for this. Unlike Leipzig, he will not have someone recruited in the transfer window who will have to take his place. He could therefore evolve in a team without having the fear of being replaced « for no apparent reason ».

Tyler Adams, the multitasking product of the United States

Effective in interception and his tackles, the young Yanks can get used to most defensive tasks. An element that pleases the Marseille coach. He who is looking for versatile players, this is the type of environment he covets very often. It happens that the player repairs a notch lower, in central hinge, by rendering great services.

Tyler Adams is also efficiency. If he remains young and perfectible in the majority of his areas of play, his defensive skills are of a fairly high level. The player has qualities similar to Boubacar Kamara. He who integrates quite well into this game system, it allows you to be reassured in the acclimatization of Adams.

Adams with the captain’s armband against Leverkusen

Used to the high level requirement

The defensive midfielder from Leipzig is a regular at the top level, despite being 22 years old. Since his professional debut, he has only evolved in Red Bull clubs, where the requirement is very high concerning the attitude of the high level. Few errors are tolerated. It is therefore complicated to stay in these clubs. However, he succeeded.

Tyler adams has also played several European matches. This year, it’s 5 matches out of 6 in the Champion’s League. He has already been able to rub shoulders with and oppose big names in European football, such as Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Kevin of Bruyne or Riyadh Mahrez. He is a regular at big meetings, and only very rarely misses the call. A way to reassure himself about his possible acclimatization to OM.

Tyler adams who intervenes in front of Lionel messi

We should break the piggy bank …

To replace Boubacar Kamara will not be easy. He has been a key OM player for several seasons. Its replacement cannot be taken lightly and a similar profile should be chosen. Tyler adams has more or less the same coast. Estimated at 20 million euros by the Transfermarkt site, it will still, certainly, spend more to negotiate with the player. He is still a player playing half of the team’s games.

In addition, his salary could also be substantial. Currently paid 2.5 million per year and courted by several European leaders, Tyler adams could prove to be greedy on his salary. However, it would be a great coup for OM to sign him. A 3/4 year contract would be most likely for the club.

Tyler adams showing his Leipzig jersey when signing

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