On fire, Rudy Gobert terrorizes the Houston racket!

Rudy Gobert was on fire this Wednesday on the floor of the Rockets, since he may have released his best game of the season, at least on the offensive level. The pivot of the France team broke two personal bests, and his team won. Perfect evening!

The Jazz got scared this Wednesday during the trip to the Toyota Center in Houston. Indeed, Quin Snyder’s men needed an extension to win and maintain their invincibility that has lasted since the release of All-Star Weekend. After demonstrations against the Mavericks and the Suns, deprived of Chris Paul, Utah was able to get out of a game that was all trap.

Because faced with the porous defense of the Jazz exteriors, the young Jalen Green may have released his best career game with 27 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds, all at nearly 70% shooting success! He was also able to count on a solid interior duo, with Christian Wood and Kenyon Martin Jr. both above 20 points.

Rudy Gobert breaks two records in one evening against the Rockets!

But if they were good offensively, this young pair was in great difficulty on the other side of the field, since they were eaten by Rudy Gobert from one end of the meeting to the other. Very often ahead of his opponents in the transition game, the pivot of the France team had no real trouble breaking two personal bests on the floor of the Rockets.

A career high with 10 dunks in one game for Rudy Gobert.

Rudy Gobert was simply monstrous putting no less than 10 dunks on the encounter, proof of extreme dominance in the paint. Thanks to this impressive record, he also beat the number of points scored this season, with 27 units at 12/14 shooting, or 85% success! If we add to that his 17 rebounds, we get a very serious game statistically.

He also added two blocks to his defensive performance, although some will only remember Jalen Green’s « poster » or Christian Wood’s shot on his head to force overtime. But the main thing is elsewhere, the Stifle Tower was exceptional, broke two records, and above all the Jazz won, ideal for getting closer to the top three before the playoffs.

Rudy Gobert delivered a boss performance on Wednesday against a stalwart Rockets team, which is always good for confidence. The success of Jazz in playoffs will depend on him, so it’s good news to see him in such good shape heading into important moments.

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