OMNISPORTS: Amiens Métropole launches its Maison Sport Santé

This Tuesday, September 6, is the launch of the Maison Sport Santé in Amiens Métropole. On this occasion, a press conference was held to explain the process and its challenges.

Launched from a national point of view in 2019, the device Home Sport Health arrives in Amiens today. By being part of a dual dynamic, as explained by Guillaume Duflot. On the one hand, in  » the metropolitan sports project and its focus on better living through sport. Inside, there is the theme of healthy sport, it is an important axis when we talk about public health. » On the other hand, “It also fits into Amiens gets caught up in the Game, which will be successful if we enroll in the inheritance. What will remain is what we want to do with it, and healthy sport is an important focus. Moreover, this is also the case for Tony Estanguet and Paris 2024. « 

Sport, a public health issue

The vice-president of Amiens Métropole in charge of sports emphasizes in particular the importance of fighting against a “increased sedentarization” by the period of covid that we have just experienced which exacerbates the risk of overweight. “We are in the process of preventing the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle, of fighting against chronic pathologies that may exist, for example,obesity but also long-term conditions such as cancer” he explains thus. Cathy Dehezin charge of sports development at the sports department of Amiens Métropole, continues by emphasizing that “studies around breast cancer prove that sport makes it easier to live with the disease but also limits the risk of recurrence. »

Another important aspect is that “sport is a way of reconnecting social link. For isolated people, resuming an activity means going out, reconnecting. note about him Dominique Georges, head of the sports department of Amiens Métropole. A point on which Guillaume Duflot insists: “There is also a constructive approach to the Mental Health, this is a question that has been asked more seriously with the covid. The resumption of sports activity is an answer. »

Diverse interests that converge towards a common goal

Once these public health issues in favor of the promotion of healthy sport have been posed, why a Maison Sport Santé (MSS)? It is Guillaume Duflot who provides several answers to this question. First of all, “The goal is to structure the whole health sport. The clubs have appropriated this theme, but if you want to get into it, it doesn’t necessarily have any visibility. This initiative allows the readability to allow users to have the right contacts, for moreefficiency «  by making the link between people wanting to return to sport and the clubs that are adapted to them: “There is nothing more frustrating than wanting but not knowing where or how. »

Then, it is precisely make known the benefits of sport for health, and to encourage residents of Amiens to take up physical activity. Thus, the MSS, but also the communication of the Metropolis about it – “we are going to put the means of the Metropolis to communicateit is necessary to make known the Maison Sport Santé » – will be here  » for to raise awareness to the need for physical activity for health and thus lead people to resume regular activity. »

Guillaume Duflot summarizes the vocation of the MSS as follows:  » Bring those who do not or no longer practice sport towards a sport practice. The objective is to welcome, whatever the age, the state of health, the fragility, anyone wishing to start or resume a sports practice. »

A first phase, good orientation

The process “secure, with trained professionals » insists the vice-president of Amiens Métropole, is established in several stages. First, there is the contact. It can follow a medical prescription. Indeed, “a decree specifies that doctors can prescribe physical activity.  » But « They don’t always know where to refer » says Cathy Dehez. The device having health professionals and the Victor Pauchet Clinic as partners, this will now facilitate orientation. But making contact can also result from a personal will. In this case, it starts with taking appointmentto 03 22 97 11 06.

This appointment is for a one-hour interview and assessment, at Coliseum. Two things that allow both to better identify the  » physical abilities but also the cravings : the notion of pleasure is important for maintaining physical activity over time. » Cathy Dehez develops: « Many people arrive through their doctor but without seeing the point, you have to find the activity that will attract them and in which they will enjoy returning. There is the idea of ​​demystifying competitive sport, explaining that the Federations have done work on their practice for theadapt to sport health, in particular rugby and judo on the move, without contact. The idea is to prevent this from scaring them. That’s the point of the interview. »

As for the assessment, it consists of several tests, focusing on balance, flexibility, endurance to effort, strength. It will be framed “two of our sports educators who have been trained to have all the skills to do it” specifies Guillaume Duflot. Will be, because if the device is launched today, the first evaluations will take place from October 6.

Clubs in tune

From the observations made during this meeting, also helped, « to facilitate the management, by a document of non-contraindication to sports practice to be completed by doctorto know what the person can achieve or not, so that he can practice safely », « we refer to our partner clubs » explains Cathy Dehez. These partner clubs are, for the moment, theASTTI’AAFC TennisI’CSA Judo, Women’s Sportsthe Rugby Club Amiens, Dance setthe Martial Arts Circle and Sport and leisure profession. While waiting for others whose integration into this system is still in progress.

In clubs, the practice itself can be adapted to the profile of the people concerned. With some dedicated slots or, on the contrary, theinclusion to the same activities as the other licensees. It is because, points out Dominique Georges, « we need homogeneous groupsotherwise there may be discouragement. » The goal of the MSS is also that, to fight against a rapid disengagement, a loss of motivation. That’s why “what is important in the device is that there is a trace, every 3 months, the beneficiary is not released into the wild after the orientation. » In the longer term, again “the objective is that behind, people carry onfor Guillaume Duflot.

Help exists

As for the financial aspect, the MSS does not guarantee free registration and license fees. But, in addition to a financial aid of 50€ for the first registration, there is « devices that can be activated »reminds Dominique Georges, such as sports coupons where the sports pass, For the young. Furthermore, Cathy Dehez’s desire is that the assessments carried out throughout this process make it possible to  » centralize data on the benefits of healthy sport for gaining weight » in order to allow these costs to be covered in the future.

Finally, it should be noted that this first month before the launch of the assessments will also make it possible to communicate and make known the existence of the Maison Sport Santé. Whether it be tonight, 6 part of the conference of Amiens Health TuesdaysSalle Dewailly, this Saturday at theAgora or even through a citizen challenge during the Student welcome daythe Thursday September 15.

Morgan Chaumier

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